The Differences Between The Sixties And Sixties Between America And Different Countries

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The rift that separates the world into what it was and what it could be is outlined through occurrences between time periods. These time periods take hold of how an environment changes. In the Seeds of the Sixties, events are introduced that create a generational divide which influenced many changes throughout and after that time period. Many of the rules and expectations that were created before the sixties took a huge leap and shifted into a completely different setting. These rules and expectations connect with families who have very similar backgrounds. While different experiences are clearly seen throughout the fifties and sixties between America and different countries, both share similarities that root back to each other. These similarities are observed through the seeds that impacted both. My family did not experience the effect of sixties unlike most families because we are from a different country. Our involvement had less to do with the impact of the sixties and more with what lead up to that period. Although some families did not experience a direct impact of the sixties, education, politics, and social norms are shared through all families because of the changes both encountered in future generations. Before the sixties began to impact much of the newer generation, the Great Depression and World War II was the initial cause for change. Many of the baby boomers lived through these events and suffered to create a life for themselves. The aftermath led up to a…

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