The Difference Between Intellectual Theft And Creativity Essay

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Creativity is the ability to come up with new, original ideas. These ideas can be inspired from anywhere and anything; a book, a movie, or a photograph. But, what if you use someone elses idea as your own? This qualifies as intellectual theft. So what’s the difference between intellectual theft and creativity? It’s how you go through the creative process. In order to understand the difference between intellectual theft and creativity and what it means to be creative, we must explore the entire concept of intellectual theft, how we find inspiration, and the way we use this inspiration.
Let’s delve into this idea of intellectual theft a little further. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines intellectual theft as, “...robbing people of their ideas, inventions, and creative expressions—what’s called intellectual property—everything from trade secrets and proprietary products and parts to movies and music and software (Intellectual).” The problem with intellectual theft is that the growth of the internet has made monitoring it more difficult. Entire websites are dedicated to illegally downloading songs and movies. Also, new songs and excerpts from books are leaked every day, allowing anyone to access them and claim them as their own or use them without consent from the rightful owner.
So how do we avoid committing intellectual theft? First, we must understand how we create and how we can be creative. To do that we must know how we find inspiration.…

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