The Dialogue Between Socrates And Socrates Essay example

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The dialogue between Thrasymachus and Socrates is different from any other dialogue in The Republic. There is a sense of hostility in the way Thrasymachus speaks that made the whole dialogue tenser. Not only that, Thrasymachus also knows Socrates’ method of breaking down people’s arguments. The dialogue started with Thrasymachus calling out Socrates for never giving a straight answer. Socrates on his defense claims that he does not give answers because he simply does not know the answer. This stirs up Thrasymachus to give his own definition of justice. After agreeing to give his own definition of justice, Thrasymachus claims “justice or right is simply what is in the interest of the stronger party”(Plato, 18). Thrasymachus believes that no matter the type of government a city-state has, there will always be a ruling class. A democratic government will create democratic laws, a tyrannical government will create tyrannical laws, and so on. These governmental bodies will not only create laws that are their own interest, but also enacts them on their subjects. In return, the subjects must follow all of the laws or they will be punished for breaking the laws. Socrates first question is whether a ruler is infallible or not? If he makes mistakes, does his subjects must also follow the laws created by the ruler even when the ruler might have created a mistake while creating the laws? By creating mistakes, the laws that were created by the ruler would not be on his best interest,…

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