The Devil 's Dominion : Magic And Religion Essay

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This paperback by Richard Godbeer, a professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth University, is being reviewed for analyzation of the book’s context, style, and purpose. The author of this piece studied at Oxford University, where he received his bachelor’s degree, preceding him going to Brandeis University to receive his doctorate. He has written other pieces of importance like The Devil 's Dominion: Magic and Religion in Early New England and Sexual Revolution in Early America which showcase his knowledge on many diverse subjects. He is very knowledgeable in history particularly concerning witchcraft, sex, gender, and religious culture. For pieces containing these studies he has received many fellowships from a multitude of institutions. Escaping Salem: The Other Witch Hunt of 1962, a publication by Godbeer pertaining to another witch hunt in 1962 besides the infamous trials in Salem. In this piece, he attempts to convey that even with extremely careful townspeople and having “officials responsible for handling Connecticut’s witch crisis [refusing] to make hasty judgements” a witch hunt can still occur (Godbeer 7). His point being made is to attempt to “[provide] a corrective to the stereotype of early New Englanders as quick to accuse and condemn” witches (Godbeer 8). Throughout this essay Godbeer planned to clarify the stereotype of New Englanders during the seventeenth century. He was striving to demonstration that even though they did believe in an invisible…

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