The Developmental Theory Of Erik Erikson And Sigmund Freud Essay

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In this essay I will be focusing on the developmental theory concepts of Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud. These concepts will be related to family dynamics and the individual’s behaviours. I have collected my data through both interviewing and observations of the family in their home environment. The Jones family consists of; Simon (47), Helen (48), Liam (21), Sean (19), Emma (15) and Sean’s baby boy Ryan (1). In my essay I will particularly focus on Helen, Sean and Ryan as they represent different age groups in relation to the developmental theories.

In nursing particular theories aid in controlling, predicting and describing phenomena and attempt to explain the links between theoretical concepts (Kozier & Erb 2015). Theoretical concepts are often hard to define because they can often relate to anything, therefore are best understood by example, in my essay I will be using members of the Jones family. The first developmental theory I will be relating to my family structure is Sigmund Freud. His theory relates to particular stages through to adolescence and early adulthood. These stages are described as psychosexual as they focus on the area of sexual drive referred to as libido (Kivnick& Wells). As the human body matures different areas are stimulated and cause the individual sexual frustration which is soon developed into pleasure. At each stage the individual discovers conflict that in order to move onto the next psychosexual stage reach a conclusion. The amount of time…

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