Essay about The Development Of United States Foreign Policy

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“We entered this was because violations of right had occurred which touched us to the quick and made the life of our own people impossible unless they were corrected and the world secure once and for all against their recurrence (Wilson, “Fourteen Points,” p.166).” The development of United States foreign policy illustrates a shift from negative liberty to a more positive liberty. This shift is primarily associated with the World War I and the ability of the United States to assume a role as a legitimate global power, effectively moving away from a position of isolation into a position of influence. Although the United States’ original foreign policy was that of neutrality, the belief in national self-interest initiated the shift into a more coercive form of foreign policy as a result of the United States’ entrance into World War I and subsequent peace negotiations. Prior to World War I, the United States assumed a position of neutrality, apart from European countries. “Isolationism implied that the United States should remain aloof from the other powers of the world and disdain their shabby practices (Fox & Pope, p. 242).” There was no reason for the country to enter into any foreign conflicts, especially alongside countries that did not believe in the same principles that the United States did. The country was driven by a strong sense of national self-interest, “an approach to foreign policy that places the value and interests of one’s own country above that of others…

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