Essay on The Development Of The Virginia Colony

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The development of the Virginia colony was incisive of the how labor and racial relations would be in American. Many facts led the colony to adopt a system of slavery such as Indenture Service was one of these reasons, followed by the Civil war in England, and the decrease of death rates in the colony. Also, the large number of Africans brought to the colony helped to establish this system. Lastly, Bacon’s Rebellion played a strong role on the change of race relations in the colony. After establish the first permanent English colony. The people living in Jamestown faced difficulties because of its low resources and need of labor. John Smith, member of the council, believed that the solution was to establish a military based work of labor in which everyone needed to work in order to eat. At that time England was over populated and the British was trying to populate the colony, so they created a labor contract system called of Indenture Service, in which a man works under a contract of 8 years to pay off the cost of his trip to the colony and at the end his employer would give to him land. Perhaps, from 1607 to 1624, the life conditions at the colony were poor and unhealthy. Many people were dying from diseases of the new world and many of the Indenture Landowners preferred initially indentures servants to slaves initially, because they did not have to pay to indenture servants and most likely the servants would die and they would not have to give land to the servants. On the…

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