Essay on The Deontological Theory Of Ethics

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According to Pozgar (2016), the deontological theory of ethics focusses on one’s duty towards another, or another’s rights, to determine what is ethical behavior. The outcome of the behavior is not the focus. As long as the behavior supports one’s duty to another then it is considered ethical. In the case of Vogelsburger v. Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC (PA Super, 2006), the plaintiff sued the hospital for medical malpractice, due to the complications she experienced while being administered morphine. She asserted that she was not properly monitored after her surgery, while she was receiving the strong pain medication via a PCA. As a result, she received too much medication, which caused her to experience respiratory arrest, requiring resuscitation.
Applying the deontological theory of ethics to this case, it is clear that the nurses assigned to the plaintiff’s care did not perform their duties. According to Pozgar (2016), this can be described simply as doing what you are supposed to do. When a patient is receiving a medication that has the clear potential to cause serious harm or death, a nurse has a duty to prevent that from happening. In this case, “doing what you are supposed to do” means frequently assessing the patient to ensure that there are no complications from the morphine administration. However, according to Vogelsberger v. Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC (PA Super, 2006), the nurses did not frequently and appropriately assess the plaintiff’s…

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