Essay on The Democracy Of France And France

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The Democracy of France France has had a tumultuous political history. From the reigns of absolute monarchs, that led to French Revolution to the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte. Today, France is a democratic parliamentary republic called the Fifth Republic. France generally is a well-to do country, but it is currently having issues. Economic concerns, like lack of growth and unemployment, have shook the country. Other issues, like terrorism, have left citizens afraid and unprotected by their government. So, current French economic and social issues call for governmental reform for the French to trust their government again. Democracy is a form of government that self-governed by the people. In a democracy, everyone is free to participate in the governing process. Democracy guards against tyranny and oppression. Pure democracy would mean every citizen would be required to vote and make decisions on every detail, which would be a very unproductive. So, most democracies are in-direct democracies, where the people vote on leaders they feel like will make decisions based of the well-being of the people. France is an indirect-democracy. The people have the opportunity to vote for their leaders. The executive branch consists of the head of state, the President, who the people vote for. The Prime Minister is appointed from whichever is the majority party of the Parliament. The President deals with foreign policy and military, while the Prime Minister deals with the more day-to day…

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