Essay about The Defense Suicide Prevention Office

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Defense Suicide Prevention Office
In fact, the Secretary of Defense since 2009 had designated a task force to make efforts to prevent suicides within the militaries. Later, the Defense Suicide Prevention Office initiated actions in 2011 and receive from the task force a series of recommendation in order to have a centralize efforts to face the increasing rate of suicide. In the annual Report in 2012 the Defense Suicide Prevention Office write down a memorandum for suicide prevention campaign for all personnel belonging to this Department as follow:
In this Department, our most valuable resource is our people. As Secretary of Defense, I am committed to taking care of our people, and that includes doing everything possible to prevent suicide in the military. Since taking office, I have been deeply concerned about suicide in the military, which is one of the most complex and urgent problems facing this Department (DOD annual Report, 2012).
The secretary of the Department of Defense considered that the chain of command’s leadership is responsible for an active campaign of suicide prevention; they most create a climate of cohesion, inspire thrust in their men, and encourage them to seek help whenever they need. The leaders most eradicate the stigma from those persons with mental health disorders, because seeking help is not sign of weakness, is sign of strength. Militaries, civilian, and professional behavioral health most assist those individuals in need. Commanders cannot…

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