The Deep By Anthony Doerr And The Yellow Wallpaper

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Human beings are fragile creatures; therefore, they need some kinds of treatment when they are suffering from any diseases. However, treatments can play a big role in the psychology of the patients. Some treatments require people to stay at home and do some simple activities; but such treatments will destroy the desire of freedom of these people and can lead to tremendous results. This assertion is exemplified by patients from two short stories The Deep by Anthony Doerr and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
The Deep is the story about a man named Tom who is diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect, a disease which kills most people when they reach eighteen. When first identified that illness, Tom is restrained from doing anything outside and just allowed to do some chores. However, after he meets Ruby, who brings with him the amazement of the marine life, his desire to discover the outside world is kindled. After intervention from Mr. Weems, he is permitted to walk outside and along with Ruby discovers some little amazing things in the surrounding.
The Yellow Wallpaper is also about a patient who is considered as suffering from temporary nervous depression by her own husband. Consequently, he prescribes her to rest in a mansion to cure her mental illness. The woman is only accepted to do nothing, even to write, but rest in a room. The narrator describes this room as “windows are barred”, the wallpaper “is stripped off” (Gilman 648). And she pays a lot of…

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