The Decline Of The Roman Catholic Church Essay examples

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The Roman Catholic Church experienced a major split in the early 16th century. Humanism, which expanded the power of writing and reasoning beyond religious scholars, along with the consequences of plagues and wars, and the secular involvement and corruption of the Church led many to lose credibility in the what-was-then-current establishment of Christianity.
One of the people that were unhappy with the church was Martin Luther, who in the early 1500s posted his Ninety-Five Theses on a church doors in Wittenberg, Germany. His Thesis were a product of his distress with the selling of indulgences because by giving money in exchange for salvation, people are instead doomed to eternal damnation (Spielvogel, 272). Spielvogel also explains that as Christians sought more of a meaningful connection with the Church, the clergy was unable to live up to their expectations. This situation opened the doors to the acceptance of Luther’s ideas by Catholic Christians (371). Luther defended that indulgences did not save anyone. Instead, they were just making the church richer. Through his readings of Paul’s Epistles, he came up with the concept that the just are saved by faith alone. This went contrary to the Catholic belief that both faith and good work are the key to salvation. When Luther was questioned at the Diet of Worms if the figure of the Pope is in the Bible, he replied that it is not and therefore he does not believe in the authority of the Pope. Luther’s reformulated ideas on…

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