The Decline Of Honey Bees Essays

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The Decline of Honey Bees
The decline of honey bees causes much of the world distress, and has made people begin to take action. This is because of the uses of honey bees, such as how they pollinate our food supply and give people honey. The disappearance of honey bees has created a demand for pollinating insects, in which case Harvard has taken action to supply.
Why exactly are honey bees going extinct? “No one investigating the issue is suggesting that neonicotinoids are the sole cause of current bee declines. Tucker, other beekeepers, and entomologists say that the cause of colony collapse disorder is likely a combination of factors that includes the widespread use of pesticides and fungicides, as well as the spread of viral pathogens and parasitic mites in beehives. While mites and diseases have long been known to cause significant declines in domesticated bee populations, no single pathogen or parasite, say entomologists, appears to sufficiently explain the current rate of hive collapse,’’ says vanEngelsdorp, a researcher at Plos One says. This means it is impossible to create a cure for the decline, as there is no one reason behind it. All people can do at this point is prepare for the future in which the population will lose a majority of pollinators, affecting much of the food supply. vanEngelsdorp also concluded with extensive research that pesticides and mites are to blame for this decline, as well as environmental stressors. With the changing climate and chemical…

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