Essay about The Declaration Of The Rights Of Women By Olympe De Gouges

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Let’s start with the Declaration of the Rights of Women by Olympe de Gouges, which was written in 1791. De Gouge fearlessly criticized not just the men of politics, but the entire population of men, and didn’t hold back on the words she used to describe them. She asserted that having superior genders is nothing but “empty pretentions” and women should wake up and disrupt this cycle. She also stated that equality could be achieved if women would stand up, unite, and have the will to use their inner power to break free from inferiority. Her vision of women equality started with her proposal of a marriage contract that would provide fair distribution of wealth as deemed by both parties (husband and wife), with their children being priorities. The other proposal she made was to oblige men who gave empty promises to provide assistance to widows and young girls. Because this era was a time where a woman demanding for equality was frowned upon, de Gouge was arrested and later executed. Moving on, Iron Jawed Angels showcased the journey of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns towards the fight for women’s right to vote during the Suffrage. These two activists desired a countrywide change by amending the constitution instead of going for the state-by-state approach that the older women wanted to do. They started to get recognized through lobbying and protests against those who were not in favor of their cause. A politician’s wife has supported the two, and has been the key to their victory.…

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