Essay about The Declaration Of Independence

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Since the day the Declaration of Independence was signed Americans have fought to make sure that our citizens are treated equally for all. Without the work and persistence of people trying to make changes in our country, American history would be almost non-existent. Progressivism has been such a strong and growing ideal in our country that is has not left any Americans affected. From workers, to women’s rights, and even politically, progressive reformers have left no stone in our country unturned. Wherever there was need for improvement and search for equality, activists worked to solve and reform issues in order to make every Americans’ lives better. What we teach the students of our country is imperative to the continuation of history. Each textbook written should be held to the same standards in order to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education on our country’s history. “To be sure, elements of "traditional history" persist in the Standards. The entire document is organized chronologically, and the chronological segments generally conform to conventional definitions of discrete eras defined with reference to familiar political events” (Kendedy 418). A textbook that definitely follows these standards is “Major Problems in the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era” by Leon Fink. This book uses many recourses like essays, pictures, and documents in order to deliver a quality lesson. Thanks to textbooks like Fink, it is imperative that History…

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