The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Any piece of persuasive writing requires the establishment of credibility for the author 's point of view. Thomas Jefferson, and Dr. Martin Luther King jr, generally used some combination of reasoning, evidence, personal experience, and allusions to produce authority. Which refer to Rhetorical Analysis for example ethos, pathos, and logos. King and Jefferson writings is extremely effective upon the audience are referring to. They both used the Rhetorical appeals that reveal specific ways that each of them used the strategy appropriate enough to a specific way in order to get their messages across to their audience.

In “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson. Which is one of his famous piece of writing. He has made his position clear in the Declaration to the colonists and the most importantly to the world, by using persuasive appeals. In the fitst two paragrah jefferson sort talking about ethos, which was the idea of what’s right and needed to be done. He state that, “The separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’s untitled them, a decent respect to the opinion of mankind requires that they should declare the cause which impel them to the separation”(492). Jefferson saying in this passage, people are created equal there far they should treat equally and fairly as possible. Personally I can say that, this quote shows the native American demanding freedom. Jefferson not only established the credibility of the revolutionary, but…

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