The Declaration Of Independence : Are All Men Treated Equally?

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Are all men treated equally?

This America was created on equality, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, wasn’t it? Well at least that is what is stated in the “Declaration of Independence” which was created in 1776. Equality is the state of being equal, whether it is included in rights, status, or opportunity it symbolizes that two or more things are no different than each other. Well why would our founding fathers include such a robust term, that being equality, into the most important document within this America if it would not apply to all that shall reside! All men were not created equal as the declaration stated because some men were forced to be slaves. “They are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights,” is what stated in the Declaration of Independence wasn’t it? If this statement is true, would their creator be uplifted by the mistreatment of slaves and the abandonment of his regulations? This is a subject that many anti-slavery abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and Henry Garnet argued against. There was a lot different anti-slavery with different arguments during the nineteenth century. Douglass and Garnett spoke different messages, but were fighting the same battle, the battle against slavery. Slavery is a system where people are treated as property. Slavery is not and was not ever a pleasurable process. Those who were considered slaves were treated as if they were animals. The had to be out in the hot sun doing whatever…

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