The Decision Made My Freshmen Students Were Largely Influenced By External Factors And The Decisions Of Others

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The goal of this research was to study whether the decisions made my freshmen students were largely influenced by external factors and the decisions of others. The rate of conformity in adolescents and young adults is known to be high, especially in specific situations. However, the rate at which these young adults report the extent of their conformity may not always be completely truthful. This study evaluates measures of peer pressure and peer conformity and the degree to which subjects self report the extent to which they do or do not conform to the “norms” around them. It is expected that there will be a correlation between the rate at which subjects care about popularity and succumb to peer pressure with the rate at which they expect themselves to mold to the actions and roles of those around them, thus, conforming. I surveyed 21 freshman students (11 male, 10 female) in a 38-item questionnaire. Subjects would respond to whether they “agree,” “disagree,” or remained “neutral” to the way in which they would react in a hypothetical situation. A second part of the questionnaire gave a scenario and two options, one in which a subject would go along with the group mentality, and one in which a subject would think for him or herself. Findings suggest that although conformity is present, results were largely biased because of the method in which subjects self reported their responses.
Peer influence has long been a major influence in adolescent…

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