The Debate Over Stem Cell Research Essay

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The question of where life begins in its first incipient stage has fueled the debate over the validity and legitimacy of methods of stem cell research. The success of scientists in isolating and culturing human embryonic stem cells has forced us to question what means are ethical and how far we can go in order to prevent or alleviate human suffering. Scientists have been using stem cells for decades as a means of getting insights into human development and producing treatments and cures. These cells include embryonic, adult, and induced pluripotent stem cells. While stem cell research is critical for investigating the development of cells in humans and creating treatments and cures for major diseases and disorders, it is also important that we procure humane means. Scientists obtain embryonic stem cells by killing the embryo, which makes the practice unethical and questions the means of scientific research. Although many supporters view the research as promising, embryonic stem cell research yields an ethical dilemma and therefore should not be used; instead, the alternatives -adult and induced pluripotent stem cells- should be used to continue our progress towards scientific research.
Advocates of embryonic stem cell research believe that embryonic stem cells have major clinical potential for tissue repair and may replace defective cells to restore normal function. Scientists first succeeded in utilizing embryonic stem cells in 1998. These stem cells only exist at the…

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