The Debate Over Cultural Appropriation Essay

1255 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
In the current debate over cultural appropriation, many issues arise from varying definitions between those arguing. Progressive debate cannot truly occur while an inability to come to an agreement on such a basal level has not happened. Both sides of the argument end up ineffectively arguing one another, as their topics of discussion are not even comparable due to their differing definitions of cultural appropriation. In the current debate over cultural appropriation, what is the most effective way to define it? Should cultural appropriation only be considered in the literal term of theft (benefitting monetarily), or should figurative theft of a cultural quality, practice, or characteristic be considered as well? Despite a multitude of varying perceptions on what cultural appropriation is and should be, cultural appropriation should be defined as a theft of culture. With this definition, theft means to take physical items or ideals where the victim is devoid of what they had taken from them. The literal meaning of theft within cultural appropriation is needed to ensure that cultural appropriation is not used to combat progressive growth of cultures due to the interchanging of ideas and values. Almost all sides of the debate on cultural appropriation come to some contingency that cultural appropriation exists in one form or another. However, the interpretation that the shape of cultural appropriation appears in is widely debated. People around the globe, largely prominent…

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