The Debate On Marriage Versus Cohabitation Essay

842 Words Dec 16th, 2015 4 Pages
The debate on marriage versus cohabitation has always been a controversial topic. However, in recent years this issue has been exceedingly reported on by the media because cohabitation, from traditional viewpoint, is a crisis that leads to immorality. Cohabitation, contrary to marriage, does not provide a permanent, healthy, and stable environment for all directly and indirectly involved within this type of relationship. I believe that marriage provides a better relationship than cohabitation. And aside from my humble experiences, statistics also proves my claim. Marriage is the ultimate form of commitment that symbolizes absolute permanence. However, in cohabitation couples and individuals develop this “quasi-commitment” causing partners to be more apt to leave whenever a larger issue is faced. Instead of working through the problem with the hope of sticking together, and coming out as a stronger couple, leaving provides an easy escape from the adversity of what is most likely a temporary situation. Couples must be genuine and authentic, in order to fully accept each other in times of possible grief, despair or frustration. This type of commitment to working alongside someone and taking on issues together is the real commitment married couples make; live-in couples have a different mindset. They are not bound to each other by the promise of permanence leading to the perpetual thought of possible abandonment stemming from a lack of trust. These live-in relationships create…

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