The Death Penalty And The American System Of Capital Punishment

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The death penalty has been a controversial topic with polarizing opinions on the topic. Supporters of the death penalty insist that it is right and can be an effective method of controlling crime. Those against the death penalty argue that not only is it morally flawed, but that it is not cost effective and fails to deter crime. Unfortunately for those who support the death penalty, there is all too often a large misunderstanding about how capital punishment actually works in the United States.
Generally speaking, it is assumed that the United States executes a system in which the worst criminals are executed in an even handed and equal manner. The idea that supporters assume with this is that the death penalty is utilized on the most horrible criminals on a consistent basis in order to deter others from committing terrible acts and to function as a source of retribution and justice for the crimes that individual committed. However, this idealized system is not the American system of capital punishment. The American system of capital punishment is one that is inflicted rarely, erratically and often times on the least monstrous killers while many of the most offensive criminals manage to escape execution. The American system of capital punishment is inflicted with extensive racial bias, has not been proven to effectively deter or control crime, in addition to the fact that there is nothing to account for the potential human error in convicting someone of a crime in which…

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