Essay on The Death Of Winston Smith

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Do you ever feel like you need to do something but you just don’t know what it is? Imagine this, but if you don 't figure out what it is, you get physically and mentally tortured. This is what happens to Winston Smith in 1984 after he has been caught going against his government 's ideas. Since Winston is tortured physically and mentally, he has no choice but to conforms to the Party’s ideals. In the final section of 1984 Winston undergoes physical changes while in the Ministry of Love. These physical changes are brought on by how the Party treats Winston. Because of “how many times he had been beaten,how long the beatings had continued… ”,Winston suffers under their fists and boots (240). He also develops a feeling of fear towards anyone near him, and also a rational need to have these beatings stopped. These beatings are not just breaking his body, they are breaking his will and fortitude. These men in black uniforms made Winston different from when he entered the Ministry. He now gives into everything that the Party wants. They make him shy away from people, and make him try to give whatever answers they want, from confessions to ratting on people he does not even know. Because of what the Party is doing to him “ his sole concern was to find out what they wanted him to confess and then confess it quickly…” (242). Beatings were not the only way he was altered physically in the Ministry. His living conditions with his “cell with a plank bed, a sort of shelf sticking out…

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