The Death Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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One thing is guaranteed in life, death. Death, being the end of life, affects everyone and everything. Humans die of cancer, animals get killed for food, plants burn in the sun, even mountains turn to rubble as weather corrodes its faces away. Many people become obsessed with death, they fear it and let it rule their life. While others do the opposite, some people live everyday as if they will die on the next. Each person develops their own perception of death such as Truman Capote author of In Cold Blood and William Shakespeare author of Macbeth. Both these authors share their perception of death and its burden, but the burden of death is difficult to understand. In Macbeth death is a very romanticized and very common. This play follows Macbeth as he works his way to be king of Scotland. To gain his power as king, Macbeth kills Duncan, the existing king, and his best friend Banquo as long as causing many indirect deaths. The first murder, King Duncan’s, is the only murder in which Macbeth has any thought to whether it is just to kill. If not for Lady Macbeth’s, Macbeth’s wife, constant pressure, Macbeth likely would not have killed Duncan. With the romantic nature of Shakespeare’s writing, the struggle of whether to kill and the murder of Duncan comes off as simply romantic. Macbeth simply disappears from stage for a few moments and only has one statement of regret regarding the murder, “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand…

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