The Death Of The Lifeboat Essay

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I would side with Mr. Mates. Roger and the others in the lifeboat are obliged to help the drowning woman because they have the opportunity to save her life. The fact that Roger is asking everyone to let the poor woman drown so that they can have an extra biscuit and a bit of rum is morally wrong. By no means are they going to starve or die of thirst in the twenty-four hours they have until they are rescued. Even if there were without extra rations and did nothing because they felt it was not their problem, they would be morally wrong. Furthermore, because they were at the liberty of helping her to keep her from drowning, her death would be their fault. This is no different from David Cash having the knowledge that his friend was killing a seven year old in a bathroom stall and doing absolutely nothing about it. Cash was not charged for accessory to murder because being morally incomprehensible is not a crime (CBS). It is just morally wrong. Roger and the others may have to suffer the same outcome as David Cash, and endure public outrage. Guilt at some point would more than likely break at least one of them down so they tell someone what they did.
In refutation, the ethical egoist or objectivist similar to Roger will feel that it is not to their benefit to help the drowning woman. She is of no relation to any of them. To save the drowning woman would be of more benefit to her than to the others. They would be making a sacrifice to save the drowning woman and feel it would be…

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