Essay on The Death Of The Boy

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The reemergence of the young boy forces the king to obsess over him. After the king disposes of the boy in the river, he is found by a miller. As he and his wife did not bear children, the millers opted to adopt the beautiful child and raise him as their own. Fourteen years pass and the boy is a handsome young man. After conversing with the miller and questioning him over the boy, the king finally recognizes him. Once more he gets the urge to slaughter him. He sets a trap for the boy to deliver a letter to the Queen that says, “As soon as the boy who brings this letter arrives, let him be killed, and I shall expect to find him dead and buried when I come back” (Grimm). The king expects all of his problems to be solved with the death of the boy. In reality, the young boy is symbolic for all the potential suitors the princess has or might have in the future. It is nonsensical and foolish for the king to believe that this boy is a villain with an agenda. Although, the king is not entirely wrong. Zipes brings up an excellent point when he says that love and compassion are not major themes in the Grimm tales but rather survival and self-preservation are (Zipes). In a time of extreme poverty and lack of resources for most of the general population, it would make sense that the princess has suitors that are interested in her solely for her wealth and the inheritance her husband will obtain. All throughout the fairy tale does the princess speak one word or have an identity…

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