The Death Of Salem Witch Essay

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Early colonists in North America were dumbfounded when they learned that many women in the colonies were doubling as a human, and a witch. During the early years of what is modern-day America, hundreds of women were accused of practicing witchcraft. Many men would accuse females who exhibited abnormal behavior, or family patterns during that time. Husbands, kids, or other family members of accused witches could also be convicted of practicing witchcraft by having any kind of association with the accused. There are many different beliefs about how certain residents of Salem got be chosen as witches. Therefore, colonists took many things into consideration before accusing someone. Attitude, personality, and health were only some of the things that could get you to be accused as a witch. (Demos, 23) Although many people believed the rumors that were viciously spreading throughout the colonies, there were some people who fought for what they believe to be the truth. Salem was divided into two different areas, the village and the town of Salem. In the town of Salem was where the accused witches and their defenders lived. That means that all the people doing the accusing took up residency in the village. The village was an area that held on strongly to the idea of tradition, and followed the minister Samuel Parris, who ran the Salem Village Church. Colonists who lived in this area were often less wealthy, and were not welcoming to people who to were considered “outsiders”.…

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