The Death Of My Daughter Lizz Essay

962 Words Jul 24th, 2016 4 Pages
A defining moment in life happens to everyone, this happens to all of us, whether we realize it or not. Events throughout our lifetime will have impacts on how we live, some great and some less significant. The death of my daughter Lizz was one that not only change the way I live, but also how I look at life. She battled brain cancer for two years, my family and I fought beside her. What was not realized was the journey with cancer, it destroyed my family, brought us closer, and made us into better individuals. In the battle with cancer, some choose to dwell and simply surrender to it, but many choose to fight this awful disease. Along this unexpected battle, I learned to be more compassionate, how to sacrifice for the better of others, and most of all, being appreciative of life. It is sad how many take things in life for granted, for life is short and it does not come with a warranty. It was a warm December night in Key West, enjoying a nice dinner with my wife Tina and friends on Duval Street. The sound of conversation, utensils clanging, and music was enlightening, The joy was suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the phone, it was Kim, Lizz’s best friend, telling us that Lizz is in the intensive care unit at St. Mary’s. We ask “what the hell happened?” The response is one that still haunts me to this day, Lizz has brain cancer. The ride back felt eternal, filled with every negative emotion from life’s menu. Arriving at the hospital, I am greeted by a sight that will…

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