The Death Of Jasper 's House Essay

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I was living in Jasper’s house this entire time.
The house where they were taken from was the same one they got trapped in. The illegal loaners had taken advantage of his house. They took advantage of their weakness. How could I have missed this factor? Why wasn’t I able to put the pieces?
I stared at my house like it’s a whole new different place now. This is not mine. The building in front of me was not supposed to be my property. I shut my eyes tightly and fell to my knees. Why is this happening? How could this happen?
I had various questions running in my head that I knew I would never get the answer to. “Ughhhh!!!” I grunted in anger. I wasn’t precisely sure where my anger was pointed at. I was unsure if this fury was towards myself, or if it was targeted at primarily everything. I took a moment to process everything and allowed the anger to cool down. When I believed it did, I smacked the gravel and rose up.
Trying to identify any probable locations of Jasper’s whereabouts was a difficult problem; I was entirely clueless. Apart from his own home—which was apparently mine now—I had no information left of him. I couldn’t help but think of the possibility that someone took him again. He’s gone because he’s in danger. It was certainly possible in every way. He had to be taken. I wasn’t careful enough.
Was it my fault?
I sank back to the floor when realization struck.
It was my fault. Why hadn’t I woken up earlier? Why did I have to be unconscious in the hospital for two…

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