Essay on The Death Of Emmett Till

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The year was 1955. An African American boy lay asleep in his uncle’s house in a small town named Money, Mississippi. Around 2 a.m., two white men came knocking on the door. The men demanded to see the boy who had “done the talkin’ in Money.” The men walked the boy to their car and asked a woman sitting in the backseat, “Is this the boy?” “Yes,” she replied. The boy was shoved into the front seat, and the car sped off. The boy’s body would be found mutilated by a fisherman three days later. What happened this boy would spark the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement (Crowe, page 57). The boy’s name was Emmett Till. Emmett was a fourteen-year-old from Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in Chicago, Emmett was not exposed to the raw racism that took place in the south. That is why when he decided to visit his uncle, Mose Wright, and a few of his cousins, his mother was sick with concern. His mother warned him that Mississippi was nothing like Chicago; that he needed to be nothing but respectful to white people and never look them in the eye. She told him, “If you have to get on your knees and bow when a white person goes past, do it willingly” (Whitfield, page 23). Emmett never really wrapped his head around what his mother told him.
Life in Chicago exceeded that in the south by many means. Segregation still existed in Chicago, of course, but nearly five hundred thousand Blacks in Chicago had more opportunities than those in the south. Racial violence was relatively…

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