Essay on The Death Of Black Death

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Since the spread and destruction of the Black Death, also known as the plague, many theories arose for what the cause and reason behind this devastating disease were. The final verdict was that the Black Death was a natural occurrence of disease that was spread through animals. While discussing this more accurate verdict and also discussing the previous verdicts from the time of right after the Black Death had dissipated. The underlying causes and aftermath of this plague has killed over tens of thousands of people, throughout this paper, the Black Death will become clearer to some, or may even change the minds of others. The Black Death, a wide spread infection or disease that killed many, leaving behind nothing but despair, and ashes of those unable to defeat this terrible disease, why?
Before the spread of the Black Death, there were already problems stirred up from other causes. To start it off there was overpopulation in many areas so there were not many places where close proximity was not an issue. On top of the overpopulation there was also climate changes that caused overly wet summers and freezing winters, this caused the crops to diminish. With the diminishing of crops and overpopulation there became starvation among humans and animals, this we now call the Great Famine. People were weak from starvation, animals were unable to be fed, winters were hard to stay warm, and summers were overly wet. Not to mention there was already a known disease that was killing the…

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