The Death Of A Spouse Essay examples

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Even though each one of us deals differently with the death concept, death is a common denominator for everyone, as all of us will eventually die. The unexpected death of a person and mostly the death of love one can affect seriously our psychological health as shown on Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale in which the death of a spouse is the first on the list of forty-three traumatic life events. Suicide and murder are examples of traumatic unexpected death situations in which most people gets horrified. Similar to commit murder is the assisted suicide that should not be legalized.
Murder is considered as the act of deliberately taken away the life of a person by another person. On the other hand, the assisted suicide is the act of committing suicide by the person itself with the help of another person, usually a doctor (Merriam-webster). Both cases involve two persons and both cases end with the same result, someone life is taken away. What a difference it makes if the other person acts actively or just helps deliver the means, the fact remain the same.
Many factors could motivate someone to make the decision of taken his or her life away. Most of the patients decide to engage in an assisted suicide due to a progressive serious illness related issues. A study conducted by Dr. Pearlman showed three main themes that motivate a patient to seek assisted suicide. The unacceptability of suffering symptoms such as fatigue or pain, or treatments motivates some.…

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