The Death Of A Productive Way Essay

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In all of these cases the interviewees could draw support from various friends and family members as either they themselves go through the dying process or are faced with someone else they know going through that process. All of the individuals noted how important family and friends were to them during difficult times, in fact, they were the first ones mentioned when talking about dying. They could draw upon these individuals to cope with the anxiety and depression that goes along with the dying process (Berzhoff & Silverman, 2004). By having these individuals around them and supporting them they are more able to face death in a productive way. Another strength that individuals use when coping with death is reframing it in a way that makes easier to deal with (Marrone, 1999). For example, Marrone states that it can be helpful for individuals to view the death as helpful or better for the deceased as they could be perceived as not being in pain anymore, or that they could have experienced more pain (1999). This can be a huge comfort to the individuals that are left living after the death of the individual.
Potential problems that these individuals could face include them thinking their sins are too great for them to get into heaven. This could lead them to spiritual discomfort and anxiety over the possibility of going to hell and not being saved (Callanan & Kelley, 2012). This could greatly impact their dying process in a negative way. They could also face issues if they…

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