The Day The World Ended By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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Kurt Vonnegut uses imagery and manipulation of fiction to reveal truths about human nature we would deny. Cats Cradle and Slaughter-House Five are two examples of Vonnegut 's writings that use these skills to show the gory, but at times hilarious truths of war, science and reality. Although both novels have their plots and characters, they shared some common ideas and themes.

In the novel Cats Cradle, John the narrator sets out to research information for his book titled "The Day the World Ended". It was about the accounts of what important Americans did the day of the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Little did he know that through his research he learned much more. He met more people and learned more about the past of the war and science behind it. Vonnegut uses the novel 's plot to show the reality of humanity 's participation in the corruption in the world.

Prior to the journey, John wrote Newt Hoenikker, son of Felix, chief creator of the atomic bomb; who later then responding explaining what his household was like the day of the bomb. On Johns journey to research important Americans, he first travels to Ilium to meet Dr. Asa Breed, Felix 's former boss. In their interview not only do they talk about the bomb, but also a substance call Ice-9. Ice-9 is a type of ice that was created potentially to end the world by freezing all the water on earth. Later on John travels to San Lorenzo. Along the way he meets the three Hoenikker children. Later in the…

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