The Day That Night - Original Writing Essay

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When I arrived home that night I could tell something was wrong. Although she is sometimes in a crabby mood, my mom did not seem like herself; because, I can tell when something is on her mind. (D,I;ca,I) I could tell my mom had been upset; maybe even crying. (I;I) “Mom is everything okay?” I questioned.
“Mya, get your sister I have to tell you something,” she said.
Now I knew something was wrong, but I went to find my sister, Allie. (I,c I) I tried to speculate in my head what could be happening, but I gave up the thinking and reciprocated back into the kitchen talk to my mom. “Okay kids so I was just told today that Jim-B has cancer.”
I did not know what to think because I was not even that close with my grandpa, but I still was sad. (I D,c I) So to clear this up, Jim is not my actual grandpa, but he is like a grandparent figure. (D,I cI) My grandma has been divorced for a while now, but Jim is her boyfriend and lives with her; so that, is why I do not refer to him as grandpa. (D,I;ca,I) I have never really been close to him either, but we have had some good memories together. (I, c I) I started to cry. “Everything is going to be okay,” she reassured.
“Mom this is just a really upsetting circumstance because of everyone who is being afflicted recently in this family. Uncle has just died back in February now Jim-B is sick,” I said disparagingly.
“All we can do now is pray and hope for the best.” We all knew that there would not be much time left with him, so my…

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