What Are The Effects Of Prompt Radiation In Japan

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The Day That Flashed By, And Then Again
During the second World War many inhumane things were done, which made this war one of the worst in history. On August 6th, 1945, Hiroshima became victim to the first atomic bomb deployed by The United States. The bomb immediately killed tens of thousands of people; many more would later die of radiation exposure. Three days later a second deployed bomb was dropped on Nagasaki killing an estimated, forty thousand people. With these bombings, thousands of civilians were, brutally without warning, killed in an attempt to end the war. A new nuclear weapon was introduced to the world which changed the way wars were fought. The ash cloud produced could be seen from miles away:
“As the first mushroom floated
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About one thousand nine hundred people or 0.5% of the population died of post-bombing radiation only in Hiroshima. These deaths are mainly believed to have been caused due to cancer attributable to radiation exposure from the bomb. The radiation risks faced by civilians living in the Japanese cities were two-fold. The biggest threat came from what is known as prompt radiation. This radiation is extremely deadly and occurs during the initial bright flash of light that accompanies a nuclear explosion. It is estimated that twenty percent of the deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were due to prompt radiation. Other than this, residual radiation and fallout also played a part in the deaths of so many people. Many people also died due to flash burns caused by the bombs and the excruciating heat of the explosions. This explosion caused multiple people suffering, including Mr. Yamaguchi, who was present at both explosions and survived both. Mr. Yamaguchi said in a film which was screened at the UN in New York, “As double atomic bomb survivor I experienced the bomb twice, and I sincerely hope that there will not be a third,"(qtd. in The …show more content…
Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in an attempt to force surrender Japan, when they were willing to surrender just like that. Radiation spread over the area made the land unlivable for years to come, ending any chance of sustainability in the near future. And probably the most important, the introduction of the weapon that end’s Humanity. It is said this bomb was to end this war without the death of people. However, the one hundred and forty thousand people that were instantly buried due to the bomb will testify against

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