Essay about The Day Of The Night - Original Writing

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for her morning. Brooke pulled out the pan and eggs and dipped the fresh white bread into the egg mixture. She decided to surprise Sam and Marlee with French toast and place them in the warmer until they got up.. They both loved French toast and it would be a treat for them before going to school. She wished she could prepare a warm breakfast for them every day. Brooke arrived early at the hospital and placed her phone on top of the bench in the locker room. The caller ID displayed another phone number from last night. She didn’t want to deal with another phone message. As she scrolled down she bypassed yesterday’s phone calls. Leon, David and Jimmy phone numbers were erased, as she was relieved to see her brother’s number. She needed to talk with him soon. Tucking her cell phone in her scrub pocket, she saw David hadn’t called or left a message since yesterday’s conversation. Brooke felt a sense of relief. She did not need to feel pressured by him at this moment. “Your scheduled in OB for the day, “explained the day shift nurse manager. Brooke sighed a deep breath of relief and was grateful for the assignment. It would displace her routine and she would have time to contemplate her next move with Jimmy. She would have to eventually see him at the rehab center or after he is discharged. She would have to think of a plan of action for both scenarios. One, if he blamed her for his respiratory arrest, or second, if he told the drug therapists of her…

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