Essay on The Day Of The Canyon

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Cheryl had awaken with rain hitting her tent. It was two days before the end of her hike. She continued her journey as she ran into people who were preparing to return to their normal lives. She was so excited to finally complete her trail. Eventually she caught a bus to Ashland which would be her ending point. She went there looking for a package that she later found somewhere else. Strayed was invited to a club which she went to later that day to meet a guy named Johnathan. Her and Johnathan went back to her place and performed other sexual activities since neither of them had condoms. The next day the two went to the beach and had sex there. Cheryl then returned to her trail with Volume 2 of the PCT guidebook. A few days since she had been in Ashland she had approached a more busy part of the trail. This part had more short-term hikers. As days past and she continued to hike she remembered that it was her mother’s birthday. Usually she would be upset on her mother’s birthday but this year she was more angry. She had realized her mother did a lot of wrongs as a mom. Cheryl used this time hiking to recount all her mother wrong doings. Although Cheryl became angry she still forgave her mother noticing that her mother still loved them more than anyone else. Strayed had finally reached Oregon where it was not a pleasant hike. Low on supplies and money Cheryl couldn’t wait to reach Shelter Cove Resort where she would receive a resupply box. When Cheryl reaches the resupply…

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