The Day Of High School Essay

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It’s my junior year of high school and I’m distraught as it is 1 am and my mom is packing her clothes and leaving. After a fight with my dad my mom made the decision to move back to her parents until she could figure out what she would do next. For me this meant she was divorcing him. She was divorcing the family. After countless calls to my grandmother 's house and no answer from them or my mom I gave up. That was it my mother left the family and now we were three. A couple weeks went by and finally she returned. Apologetic and missing her family my mom moved back in. In the past marriage has been looked at from the man 's perspective, he is in charge, and the women should submit. Might doesn’t make right anymore, women do. No matter the race women have been below the man. It’s like a pyramid at the top is white men, than white women, black men, and lastly black women. As John Stuart Mill said “All women are brought up from the very earliest years in the belief that their ideal of character is the very opposite to that of men; not self will, and government by self-control, but submission, and yielding to the control of other” (Mill 104). Women were equivalent to slaves in their rights (Mill 105). I look at it as if their brains were covered with cobwebs. Women simply didn’t know anything else but to submit and follow the traditions set forth by their ancestors. Men were strong and carried the might of free will, physical strength, and knowledge so they were right (Mill…

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