Personal Narrative: My Step Father

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Today was the day, the day I’ll prove everyone that doubted me wrong after being despised and abused by my father I’ll finally be able to prove him wrong. Since I was little, my step dad, never treated me like his step daughter. He treated me like A maid, he didn’t buy me toys or took me out to the movies. Instead he always got mad at me, for small things. But that doesn’t matter anymore. All my mistakes that I’ve made in the past, don’t matter anymore. As I was grabbing my diploma it made me feel better about my life. All those cold nights shivering in the dark with just a small blanket to cover myself with. Going to sleep without eating nothing was the most painful abuse of it all. Looking into the audience I see my family, …show more content…
I didn’t take any of my belongings so they would know I didn’t need them. I walked for miles hoping my mom would come find me and kick my step dad out, but that wouldn’t happen. For the last five years, my mom did everything, that my step dad asked. She never had a say in anything, but I guess this is marriage. He beat my mother one day putting her in the hospital, her foot being broken due to him pushing her down three flights of stairs .I remember that day as if was yesterday, blood was everywhere. My mother’s face was badly beaten, and so was her body. Seeing her bone outside her leg, made me want to throw up, but I knew I had to be strong for my …show more content…
Get medical and physical help not only for myself, but for the baby. I then went to a nearby hospital with my grandmother; the doctors gave me some medication for the depression that will help me but won’t harm the baby. Nine months later my baby is born. The saddest part was that I just got to hold him once and I instantly fell in love with his little face and his adorable smile. I was then forced to make the decision of my life, fight for my health and keep the baby or let the baby go, to a better family one who wants him. Everyone is expecting me to make the right decision so I do, “I will leave the drugs for my son even though he might not know who I am, I will always love him.” Every day I take classes that will help me overcome my addiction. My addiction is making me turn like my mother and I don’t want to. I don’t want to see my little boy, crying because his mom was never there for him. During the time, I was in the hospital Kevin my best friend watched over the baby. He loved the child like if he was his own. Five months passed and I saw my son for the first time, since I gave birth to him. Seeing him for the first time, was magical, I’ve never loved but I did love my soon. By holding him tight I knew I made the right decision to not kill the baby while he was still in the womb. I promised him he’ll never need no one else that wasn’t my blood. Despite my

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