The Dark Side Of Dark Brown Essay

722 Words Sep 21st, 2015 3 Pages
At first glance of this piece, one may notice the abundance of curves and lines on almost every part of it. A most-likely middle-aged man stands barefoot, holding a book in his left hand and a sheep’s head lying beside his feet. The piece is about twenty inches tall and made out of wood. The unevenness of the color of the basswood used doesn’t influence the piece negatively, but positively. The deeper parts of the figure are dark brown. While the characters closer to the surface, such as the nose and edges of the drapes are lighter brown. This helps give the art piece great depth. Though it is uncertain whether this variety in wood hue is because of the piece’s old age or not. The edges of the piece are smooth, for example, the shoulders and the sides of the drapes in garments. The hair and beard of the figure are very curly, almost to the point that one would wonder who would have enough patience to make something so intricate. The garments the figure wears aren’t just straight with a few lines, but every section drapes downward resembling a waterfall. This art piece is in motion aesthetically. The artist creates an illusion of movement and uniformity through line arrangements and intricacy. The curliness of the figure’s hair and beard, may remind one of the shapes of waves in the sea. The curves draw the audiences’ eyes to the top of the piece. The artist creates a notion that every piece of hair is somehow related to the other, almost in a uniform or synchronized…

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