The Dark Ages Of Medieval Europe Essay

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The Light or Dark Ages?
The Middle Ages of Medieval Europe is well known for being called the “Dark Ages”. Why? Diseases, invasions, and continuous wars contributed to the “dark” nickname that the Middle Ages have become known for. The fall of Rome during 400 A.D. to 500 A.D. led to the Middle Ages. When Rome fell, Europe was thrown into much disorder and chaos therefore leading to the nickname of the “Dark Ages”. Some people wonder if the Middle Ages deserve to be called the “Dark Ages” or not. The Middle Ages do deserve to be called the “Dark Ages” because of diseases, like the bubonic plague, infesting the population; many wars, for example, the Hundred Years’ War, taking place in Europe, and invasions from everywhere made Europe unsafe and chaotic. As a matter of fact, diseases were a main reason that influenced the Middle Ages to be called the “Dark Ages”. During the Middle Ages, diseases like leprosy, smallpox, and scabies have greatly affected the European population in a negative way. One sickness that stood out the most during the Medieval period was definitely the bubonic plague. It originated in China and slowly spread to Europe. The bubonic plague is an infectious disease that is caused by bacterium known as “Yersinia pestis”. The deathly disease got to humans by bubonic plague-infected fleas and rats. The bubonic plague symptoms are swollen and tender lymph nodes that are usually found in the armpits and groin. In the article, “The Black Death”, it states…

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