The Dangers Of Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Nearly 10 percent of all teenagers in America suffer from an anxiety disorder. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, only 18 percent of those teenagers are actually medically treated for their conditions. Young people who have an anxiety disorder are set at a 25 percent higher risk for substance and alcohol abuse than teenagers who do not have such disorders (Duckworth 1). A healthy amount of stress and anxiety help humans detect threats and guide to prepare for everyday challenges that they are going to face (Hand 33). Anxiety disorders are a problem as they lead to greater mental health issues, such as comorbidity and other harmful situations involving drug abuse and school refusal. School is a common environment to find teens who suffer from anxiety disorders. Studies show that 63,000 more high school and college students report symptoms of anxiety between the years 1938 and 2007 (“Teens Are Feeling More Anxious Than Ever” 2). Anxious pupils will experience stress by trying to assure their work is perfect. Students will often fear test situations for being unprepared, a fear of failure, or poor test history (Kennedy 29). With these specific situations, teens will refuse to attend school altogether. They may typically display physical symptoms of headaches, stomachaches, nausea, or diarrhea that causes them to return home to a comfortable environment (“School Refusal” 1). A child who refuses to attend school is more likely to have social, emotional, and…

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