The Dallas Theater Center Performance Of Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

1280 Words Feb 17th, 2016 6 Pages
On 2/16/2016 I saw the Dallas Theater Center 's performance of Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet. This particular production of the play was preformed at the Kalita Humphreys Theater in downtown Dallas. This performance of Romeo and Juliet was a modern take on the story, while the lines remained the same, the setting, costumes, and overall attitudes of the actors presented the story in modern times. The House of Montague were presented as rockers, carrying around guitars and wearing biker jackets, while the House of Capulet were shown as being of a higher class, wearing suits and glamorous dresses. Initially, the modern take on the story threw me off guard, but as the play went on I ended up enjoying the way it was done. Rather than a story of two houses at war, this approach to the story gave a feeling of a class divide, a move which can hold true to current times, especially which the continuing conversation of income inequality in this country. While originally taken aback by the modern approach, the performance was able to take a story hundreds of years old and make it ring true to today 's world. The set design was centered around a semi-circle shaped wall designed to appear as gray bricks. The floor of the stage rotated and spun allowing for seamless transitions between scenes, and in Romeo 's conversation with the Nurse was even used to preform a “walk and talk” conversation which succeeded in making it appear that the characters were traveling away while speaking…

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