The Customary And The Ethics : Understanding Hamlet 's Bad Habits

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The play “Hamlet” is characterized by many themes. They include revenge, mystery, murder, tragedy, etc. Most articles about the play deal with revenge of Hamlet towards Claudius and others give an overview of the characters in the play. Articles having to do with the revenge include, “Hamlet’s Ordeal” by Maria Mendes and “Once Again on Hamlet’s Procrastination” by A.S. Topchyan. Articles that describe the characters in the play are “The Customary and the Ethics: Understanding Hamlet’s Bad Habits” by Michael D. Bristol and “Mirror’s: Shakespeare’s Use of Mythology in Hamlet” by Cayla McCollum. Each of these author have a different way of viewing and describing Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”. An important theme in the play, as it seems is revenge. In her article, Maria Mendes tries to explain in what ways Hamlet was trying to figure out if Claudius had really killed his father as the Ghost suggested. She states, “the Prince of Denmark seeks a solution to end suspicions about the presumed murder of his father” (296). She analyzes the way that Hamlet thinks and feels throughout the play. According to her article, Hamlet had the goal to pressure Claudius into confessing the truth. She points out a way in which Hamlet tried to accomplish this goal: a play within a play. The play is called “The Mousetrap”. With this play Hamlet tries to bring out Claudius’s guilt. With his play he also aims to make sure that Claudius is aware that someone knows about the crime. Apparently the crime…

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