Essay on The Current State Of Zoos Immoral

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For Assignment 2, I will discuss my view on controversial issues that relate to environmental ethics and religion. In the beginning, I will discuss why our current use of zoos are immoral. In addition, I will explain the history of tree hugging and the similarities between the Paganism and Islam. Following, I will have a brief discussion on weak and strong animal rights. In conclusion, I will briefly express my opinion on the topics listed above.
I find the current state of zoos immoral. For the reasons that Dale Jamieson (2012) has listed, for example amusement, education, scientific research, and species preservation, zoos are immoral. I agree that the reasons listed are insufficient to justify depriving animals of freedom and the opportunity to develop. In my opinion, zoos could be moral and helpful for animals and humans if they strictly used the facility for abused and displaced animals or animals that need rehabilitation to reenter the wild which was initially caused by human activity. The current state of zoos pose a risk of endangering the surrounding environment due to an escape of nonindigenous animals and the enslaving of wild animals. For instance, nonindigenous Quaker parrots have been shown to breed so successfully outdoors in the Northeast that they have become a menace, nesting on power lines and disturbing electrical service after their escape from the zoo (Hess, Laurie, 2011). In addition, reports have seen large wildcats that were seemingly docile and…

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