The Current Public Policy Of The United States Essay

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The current public policy, the statues quo, is the first alternative. This policy allows undocumented students who have resided in Texas for at least 3 years, graduated from a Texas high school, and who sign an affidavit ensuring they will apply for legal status as soon as possible to attend colleges and universities in Texas while receiving state aid (“SB 1403 Bill Analysis”, 2001). This policy has benefited thousands of undocumented immigrants since it was first enacted in 2001. This policy does not reward the immigrants like many claim, but instead evens out the plaining field for children who were brought into the state and country at no fault of their own. Undocumented students who pursue higher education constitute a small group of extremely talented and motivated youth who have already overcome multiple, unique obstacles. The obstacles that undocumented students confront cannot be overstated. As they navigate the education system, as first generation college students, they must deal with complex and multiple barriers that impede their ability to succeed academically. These challenges include: poverty, assimilation, language barriers, violence in their community or home environment, lack of access to health care, and mental health issues. Most of the students are working extremely hard to make the United States a better place to live.

The second policy alternative is to repeal the in-state tuition law, or the Texas Dream Act. In the 84th Legislative Session of 2015,…

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