The Cups Of Tea Is Based On A True Story Of Greg Mortenson 's Life And Journey

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Three Cups of Tea is based on a true story of Greg Mortenson’s life and journey of helping the village of Korphe, continuing on to help more villages, and helping more lives. Greg was climbing K2, the world’s second largest mountain, in order to reach his goal of putting his deseeded sister’s necklace on the peak. He fails to reach the summit and gets lost along the way. He trails off course and runs into many villages including Korphe, where he realizes he can give his sister a remembrance with helping people and building this school for the children of Korphe. Mortenson has troubles along the way such as, lack of money, world problems that he had no control over, and heath of others and himself. He continued to finish schools and start programs to help more villages with schools, but also wars going on around them. He is accused of being a traitor and has those problems as well. His work never stopped and he continued to help his own family as well as others. He opened the American eye to see the problems in these villages and gained helped. This book started in 1993, when he attempted to climb K2. The book then continued on to flash backs of his earlier life. The book continued all the way until 2003. The time period effects the story because problems are happening Afghanistan and the people in the villages are fleeing this causes problems for Mortenson. The book said, “Exhausted refugees, fleeing from the fighting… Mortenson had planned on leaving two days earlier, but…

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