The Culture And Society Of The American South Essay

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The culture and society of the American South can be categorized into a variety of groups from stereotypes by outsiders, to the influence of politicians, and from the music that originated in the South. To help depict the American South, we can use literature and films that we have watched in class, such as; Mandingo, Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Color Purple, Gods Little Acre, Tomorrow, Jezebel, The Littlest Rebel and with the special focus on O Brother Where Art Thou. This film will help capture and reflect southern culture to those not accustomed to the ways of southern society. People who live in the southern parts of the United States, ranging from Virginia to Mississippi, are often grouped together into a stereotypical group; which are often called by outsiders “Southerners.” People who do not live in the South will frequently depict the image of an average Southern man as someone who has bad person hygiene, no teeth, have a lack of an education, are criminals and someone who marries their cousin. While some things listed are true, its far fetched to group the entire South as being those things. Unfortunately, in the film, O Brother Where Art Thou, the main characters Everett, Delmar and Pete do fit some of those stereotypical characteristics. All of those men escaped from a chain gang in hopes of finding the treasure that Everett had said he buried before going to jail. The setting of the really did not help either when…

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