The Cultural Factors Of Cultural Identity Essay

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Cultural identity is the cultural factors specific to each level of cultural subjects. It is considered the core of the philosophy of development in each ethnic community. Globalization is impacting strongly on all areas of social life, including culture. Therefore, the construction of a new cultural identity, in line with national development needs and meet the demands of the times, but without losing the unique appearance of the nation as a central goal of national part in the globalization conditions. In the process, the need to conserve and promote the nation 's cultural identity, against the risk of future tense; at the same time, tolerance and cultural factors of progress and eliminate backward cultural factors.
Globalisation is associated with economic success, science and technology, such as information cable, digital economy, Internet, ... Globalisation creates the flow of goods, capital and making cross-country space of the economy, culture intertwined. Under the impact of globalization, nations and individuals must come together, linked together in the interaction and interdependence to coexist and grow.
The benefits of globalization are undeniable, but it also brings many challenges and negative, such as the human structural disorganization in civil society, the rich-poor gap, the clash between native culture and foreign culture ... these are problems that the country faced at the start of integration into the global economy. The challenge here for the culture of…

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